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MABconsult, although we have our roots as a project management division of AlBassam & Sons company since 1980, MAB was established in 2011 as a full-Saudi-owned private consultancy office licensed by the Saudi Council of Engineers to provide all architectural and engineering services ; and as we expand, we are becoming known both locally and regionally.

MABconsult has successfully managed to expand its professional portfolio by creating partnerships with Turner & Townsend for their specialization in Cost Management, SPACE Studio which is specialized in architectural services and most recently with Cundall Engineering

Our Leadership

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Our Services


Portfolio Management

Focused on driving organizational strategy & prioritizing work to ensure outcomes meet business needs efficiently & effectively.

Architect of Record

Designing and building a system for helping International Clients in the journey of the local approvals. Starting from the design phase and implementing local codes and regulations up to closing and obtaining necessary permits.

FLS Approval

As part of the Government approvals is to obtain the Civil Defense permits on the Design and Construction drawings, MAB is providing this service to its clients by taking care of the Coordination from Concept stage to IFC and receiving the permit from the Civil Defense Authority.



Tendering Management & Contract Awarding

Our team of experienced Quantity Surveyors study the per-qualifications of potential contractors where we take them through our contract administration process to come up with our recommendation to the Client for Contract Award.

Cost Management

Cost management services in the pre-contract stage involve preparing and managing cost estimates to ensure the project is financially viable and meets the client's requirements.
Cost management services in the post-contract stage involve the management and control of project costs throughout the construction phase, monitoring and reporting costs to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.



Site Survey

A prerequisite for local authority approval.

Group Housing Licensing

MAB is certified to issue this license which serves labor camps and other Group Housing facilities which is a recent requirement by the Authorities.

Sorting of Real Estate units

Following the booming of the Real Estate projects in KSA, MAB is registered in the relevant authorities to provide our clients the Service of Sorting of Real Estate Units whether for large plots of residential buildings and camps.



Architectural Design

Our team of architects are very much passionate about buildings and the built environment and sustainability. We care about our valuable clients' needs & thoughts while enjoying art and design. Our architects are always considering the beauty, sustainability, efficiency and cost effectiveness during their designs.

Engineering Design

Our team of engineers of all disciplines use in-depth knowledge of the latest methods and engineering software to lead the way, without compromising on cost & quality where value engineering is milestone before the issuance of any engineering design package.

Urban Design

We design sustainable and resilient developments, towns, cities and neighborhoods knowing the local and future requirement.

Interior Design

Our team offer the clients topnotch interior designs that are pleasing to the eye serving the purpose and expectations. Our creative team tailored to our clients unique styles and practical needs.



Efficient Project Oversight

Our team ensures meeting the project's targets by closely monitoring and reporting progress as per the project schedule, implementing cost saving, ensuring quality control, and maintaining proper HSE management and document controlling.

Our Clients

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